…about the Pacific Horticulture Society join/renew process


Fall_2015_cover-medCan I renew my Pacific Horticulture Society membership by mail and send you a check?  

Yes, all members receive a renewal notice by mail and a self-addressed envelope to enclose your check. That letter offers you the option to renew online, but we always welcome renewals by mail.

I want to renew by mail but I can’t find my print renewal notice—can I get a replacement?

Sure, just download a renewal form here,  print it out, and mail it in.

Why do you ask for my email address if I am renewing by mail?

One of our membership benefits is receiving our monthly newsletter that goes out by email. Also, this is an efficient way for us to contact you if something comes up during the join/renew process.

When I try to renew online from a link in my online renewal letter it just shows my email address, how do I proceed? 

Scroll down on the screen and click NEXT to start the renewal process.

I don’t have a password or I forgot it. Now what?

Our database automatically associates your account with your email address. If you have not logged on to our membership site before and created a password, click the Forgot Password link and follow the directions. For security, this is a several step process.

Once you’ve created a new password, you’ll be asked to log back in to renew your membership, purchase a gift membership, or otherwise manage your account.

I keep getting caught up in an endless loop—why do I have to start over after I change my password?

For security purposes, our database wants you to log in to verify your User ID and password. It may appear tedious, just follow the prompts closely. If you run into problems drop us an email at office@pacifichorticulture.org or call us at (510) 849-1627.

What’s my ID, … my user ID, … my account name?

Our database requires that your email address becomes your User ID. Be sure to let us know if you change your email address so we can keep our records current, or you can update your member profile online.

Any further questions, just email us at office@pacifichorticulture.org and we’ll reply just as soon as we can.