Hazel White

Hazel White is the author of eleven gardening books, including Sunset’s new Hillside Landscaping, many magazine articles, and an essay on Isabelle Greene in Isabelle Greene: Shaping Place in the Landscape (University of California Art Museum, Santa Barbara). A resident of San Francisco, she is also a poet and a member of Kelsey Street Press, Berkeley.


Kate Frey

Kate Frey, a horticulturist and designer specializing in habitat gardens and edible plants, formerly managed the landscape at Fetzer Winery in Hopland, California. She teaches classes on environmentally friendly gardening and has created gold-medal gardens with her husband, Ben, at the Chelsea Flower Show, and in Japan and Malaysia. Kate’s book on bee-friendly gardening, co-authored with professor Gretchen Lebuhn, will publish in February 2016 by Ten Speed Press.

Ray Collett

Ray Collett is the founder and director emeritus of the Arboretum at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he was responsible for developing the extensive Australian Collection. Among his many interests are the Australian fuchsias (Correa spp.), of which he has introduced several named selections to the nursery trade.