Upcoming Tours

Exploring Japan
  • October 13-25, 2016
  • Japan

TOUR FULL—waiting list available. Visit some of Japan’s most famous gardens while touring its large cities, mountain… Read More

San Miguel de Allende
  • February 13-19, 2017
  • San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Join Pacific Horticulture as we tour the artistic, cultural, and horticultural riches of San Miguel de Allende, a city r… Read More

Japan 2017
  • April 15-26/29, 2017

Travel north and west of Tokyo on this in-depth tour of Japan to visit some of its most beautiful and… Read More

Blooming Leucospermum at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, South Africa. Photo: Lucy Warren
South Africa
  • September 27–October 13, 2017
  • South Africa

From the time Pacific Horticulture began hosting tours to faraway places, South Africa has been a popular destination. T… Read More

Traditional Santa Fe cottage. Photo: Shutterstock
Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • October 2017
  • Santa Fe

Join Pacific Horticulture as we tour beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. In addition to exploring the cuisine, culture, and… Read More

Recent Tours

Singapore & Bali
  • September 2-14, 2016
  • Singapore & Bali

Explore the allure of tropical gardens in Singapore and Bali! Singapore is a con… Read More

Photo: courtesy of Betchart Expeditions
  • July 2-11, 2016
  • Iceland

Nature lovers grab your binoculars and cameras and come explore Iceland! This tr… Read More

Victoria & Vancouver
  • June 6-13, 2016
  • Victoria & Vancouver, British Columbia

TOUR FULL—waiting list available. Join us in early summer of 2016 for a visit… Read More

Beaufort, South Carolina. Photo: Lorene Edwards Forkner
Charleston & Savannah
  • April 4-11, 2016
  • Charleston and Savannah

TOUR FULL – waiting list available. Step back in time to a world of colonial m… Read More