Benefits of Service 

Pacific Horticulture encompasses a large, welcoming and inclusive community of passionate garden loving people from many sectors. Benefits of service include access to invigorating conversations with some of the great and innovative thinkers in horticulture today. Your contributions will yield professional recognition, credibility, and positive exposure. Can you see yourself thriving as part of a collaborative team?


Community Discussion Group Moderator – Actively Recruiting Now!   

Are you knowledgeable about a horticulture topic and enjoy engaging with community? Pacific Horticulture is seeking volunteers to champion the growth of our Community Discussion Groups. Community Discussion Group Moderators support and facilitate networking across a large group of peers, showing both thought leadership and commitment to inclusivity and positive dialogue.

Current topics include:

  • Reducing water use/climate-appropriate gardening techniques
  • Pollinators and gardening for wildlife
  • Plant profiles and recommendations
  • Edible plants/Food gardening
  • Plant ID (Identification) Lab

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Strategic Engagement and Inclusion Committee Service – Actively Recruiting Now!

Pacific Horticulture is committed to creating an inclusive, equity-based, community-focused organization that is committed to the health and conservation of both human communities and the environment. We believe that a diverse blend of perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints are essential to building a resilient world dependent on the thoughtful cultivation of plants. (See Complete Diversity Statement)

This committee helps to create and implement organizational strategies designed to facilitate success with marketing and communication efforts including social media, strategic partnerships, and efforts and policies related to increasing institutional inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

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Board Service – Actively Recruiting Now!  

The Pacific Horticulture Board of Directors have a personal commitment to the organizational mission, values, and diversity statement, while sharing a deep and enduring connection to the field of horticulture, environmental science, or aligned fields. Experience in any of the following are a bonus: digital media/digital business, marketing and communications, development skills in systematic, sustainable, long-term fundraising, corporate relationship experience and connections.

About Pacific Horticulture Board Service

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Content Committee Service –Actively Recruiting Now! 

The Content Committee is comprised of Pacific Horticulture board members and community stakeholders. The committee identifies education program content that is used for annual learning events and products, including but not limited to short videos, podcasts, panel discussions/webinars, articles, social media broadcasts, and virtual workshops.

About Pacific Horticulture Content Committee Service

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Our Program Topics 

Pacific Horticulture programs are building awareness that gardeners, landscape managers, farmers, environmental scientists, city planners, designers, are contributing to climate solutions and elevating the relevance of horticulture to a more resilient future.    

Content should be trustworthy, visually inspiring, geographically focused, timely, current, forward thinking, and thought provoking.

Content topics address home and community garden, local, and regional sustainable horticulture practices. Programs demonstrate what beautiful, well-designed climate-appropriate gardens and landscapes can be at every scale.  


Garden design trends and plant profiles, multi-generational gardening, gardening for wildlife and pollinators, food gardening, and houseplants.


Climate resilient landscapes (reducing water, summer-dry, fire-prone), community and urban agriculture gardens, native plants, wildlife corridors, and cultural practices and indigenous knowledge.


Science, biodiversity, plant conservation, soil health, sustainable garden design, permaculture and innovative practices, invasive species, landscape management, public spaces, sustainable development, horticulture therapy/Nature Rx, public, and international gardens.  


Article Contributions  

Pacific Horticulture continues to publish articles in digital form, aligning with programming on multiple media channels throughout the year. If you are interested in submitting articles for publication, please contact to share your ideas, hear about our upcoming calendar of program topics, and receive submission guidelines.