Gardeners as Superheroes

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Pamela Berstler, PHS’s Executive Director, and CEO of G3, Green Gardens Group is a widely-recognized thought leader in promoting gardening as a solution for healing the planet. Pamela shows us that every garden can be evaluated as though it were a mini-watershed and then utilized to create soil security, water security, and resilient communities.

Most of us have turned to gardening to soothe something within our own psyches, but emerging science on the importance of healthy living soil and biodiversity to combating changes in weather patterns transforms our solitary actions into critical behaviors for saving the planet. We become true gardening super(s)heroes, when we recognize that every single plot of open land (from the Starbucks triangle in the mini-mall to the parkland open space) can contribute to our community’s health if we follow the four steps of the “Watershed Approach” on our own properties.

The Watershed Approach to landscaping:

  1. Build healthy living soil
  2. Capture rainwater as a resource
  3. Select local native climate-appropriate plants
  4. Use highly efficient irrigation only when necessary



This presentation is part of Pacific Horticulture’s FREE Digital Classroom online learning series to connect gardeners with some of the most intriguing horticultural and environmental issues of our time.

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