Introducing Pamela Berstler

Our new PHS Executive Director

Pamela Berstler

Pamela Berstler, PHS Executive Director

The PHS board of directors and staff are pleased to introduce Pamela Berstler as the new Executive Director of Pacific Horticulture. Pamela is an experienced landscape expert who co-founded and continues to manage G3, Green Gardens Group. Like PHS, G3 believes that every landscape can be utilized to create soil security, water security, and resilient communities. Pamela is a widely recognized thought leader in growing living soil as a solution to climate change.

From Pamela,

“In the late 1990’s I was falling madly in love with California gardening, and I was trying to figure out how to make a living doing the thing I loved. I spent every Sunday afternoon holed up at a local Barnes & Noble reading magazines and self-teaching, until one Sunday I discovered Pacific Horticulture magazine and my life was forever changed. It was the profile of Roger Raiche’s Berkeley garden that prompted me to make and color stain my “urbanite” walkways, showcase miscellaneous metal art, and generally unleash my wild thing into my own back yard and the back yards of paying clients.

Well, the Barnes & Noble is long gone, but my love of gardening is undiminished. Over the 20 years since that fateful Sunday, I’ve grown two businesses around the idea that landscapes can solve all of the world’s most pressing challenges. Loving plants and gardens has taught me that transformation is the foundation of life on this planet. Staying connected to gardens has made me more optimistic about the future. Pacific Horticulture is still here, on my nightstand and mobile device, connecting me to the people, plants, and places Pacific-coast dwelling gardeners love.

As we go forward into what might prove to be the most dynamic year in the history of Pacific Horticulture, I am honored and energized to be serving as Executive Director. Look for PHS to become more inclusive, more innovative, and more impactful over the coming year. Pacific Horticulture magazine is the only bioregional voice that is not commercially associated. That means we rely on the support of our members, recurring donors, and program partners not just for getting out the beautiful and timely quarterly magazine, but also for continuing to connect people from all walks of life to the power of gardens.  

I know you will join me in rejuvenating this venerable organization, and I look forward to digging in with you!”

Learn more about Pacific Horticulture and contact Pamela, other PHS staff or board members here. We’re all looking forward to an exciting year.