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By: Pamela Berstler

Pamela Berstler is an experienced landscape expert who co-founded and continues to manage G3, Green Gardens Group, an EPA WaterSense…

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Pamela BerstlerMetamorphosisdef: a change of the form or nature of a thing into a completely different one.

We gardeners are performance artists—always in motion with change the only constant. We expect transformative experiences in a garden and we nurture those expectations by editing our planting beds, pruning branches to promote fruit, and honoring the decomposition of living matter as it nourishes the growth to follow. In many ways, this is the real power of gardens—they show us humans that life on planet Earth is constant movement, evolution, and regeneration.

Seasonal metamorphosis is upon us here at PHS, and we are relishing the process of change and renewal as we tend to our organizational garden.

As a society, we recognize that being a gardener of plants also requires us to be gardeners of people. We cultivate relationships, educate, learn, economically support, and grow our society around the idea that all ills can be solved in a garden. It is the whole ecosystem that counts, and people are very much a part of that ecosystem. At our most recent board meeting, we even adopted a new motto—”People Connecting with the Power of Gardens.”

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