The Nature Rx

Getting the Most from Your Garden Comfort Zone

By: P. Annie Kirk

P. Annie Kirk runs a landscape and outdoor living design and styling business affectionately named for a lesson she learned…

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Photo: P. Annie Kirk/Red Bird Restorative Gardens

Photo: P. Annie Kirk/Red Bird Restorative Gardens

Leave electronic baggage at the door.

Create a no beep, ding, ping, alert, buzz buffer and leave your electronics outside your garden comfort zone and focus on your connection with nature, without the distractions that drive you to yearning for solitary refinement.

Mantra must.

Tie a repetitive task or motion, like watering, weeding, or digging, with a positive, simple phrase to help your brain relax and focus on just one thing at time. Enjoy those brain waves of positivity!

It’s all about the breath.

Drop the mind chatter and focus on your breathing. Slow down, inhaling through your nose and releasing your exhale through your mouth.

Boost your sense of accomplishment.

In the daily sea of must-dos, even a 5-minute session in the garden has been shown to boost a sense of productivity and creativity.