We’re looking for smart, original stories that inspire and empower people to transform the world through sustainable gardens and landscapes.

At Pacific Horticulture Society, we believe that gardens have the power to help heal the environment and improve the health of all communities. We help people understand how they can be a part of this solution by sharing inspiring and informative stories from the Pacific region.

Our stories seek to explore, educate, and spark interest in the role of horticulture in building a more resilient world. Our readers want to learn about and create healthy, beautiful, climate-appropriate gardens.


Topics we’re interested in covering

  • Plants: New introductions, seasonal highlights, plant profiles, native plants in gardens, conservation, plants and culture (beauty, food, fiber and medicine), notable collections, best plants for specific situations/special uses.
  • Design: garden and landscape design, urban planning, environmental justice, landscape architecture, sustainability, inspiration, designer profiles, project spotlights, restoration projects, turf removal and replacement, innovation and technology, trends and traditions.
  • Garden & Landscape: healing gardens, garden profiles, pollinator support, habitat development, best management and maintenance practices, school gardens, community gardens, gardening indoors, public gardens, art and gardens.
  • Food: edible gardens, urban farming, regenerative agriculture, permaculture, community gardens, food forests.
  • People: innovators, activists, community science, professionals, amateurs, experts, the next generation, personal perspectives, history, tradition, travels, interviews, wellness.
  • Nature: Sustainability, climate, adapting to climate change, natural systems, ecology, beneficial insects, soil fauna, restoration, biodiversity support, habitat development, invasive plants and pest threats.
  • Environmental Science: horticultural research, plant science news, technology, urban forestry, integrated pest management, restoration ecology.
  • Resource Conservation: plant science, soil ecology and health, water management, water conservation, water quality, carbon drawdown.


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We’re looking for stories 750–2,500 words long. 

We seek a diversity of voices and ideas.

Content is published online at pacifichorticulture.org and distributed through email newsletters and social media to a monthly audience of over 50,000 people. Authors, presenters, photographers, and illustrators contribute their work to Pacific Horticulture Society pro bono.


Pitch your story

Please send your story idea in the body of an email to theeditor@pacifichorticulture.org. We will acknowledge receipt of your email, review, and respond as quickly as we are able.

  • Briefly summarize your story idea.
  • Briefly explain why this story matters.
  • Include a clear, compelling, informative headline.
  • Explain your relevant expertise or experience.
  • Include links to published clips, if applicable.

View submission guidelines. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



Since 1968 Pacific Horticulture Society has provided the West Coast garden community and beyond with specially curated horticultural content through its award-winning quarterly journal, Pacific Horticulture

In 2018 an organizational transformation began in response to the impact of the digital revolution on the publishing industry. We took a hard look at Pacific Horticulture Society’s identity as a magazine in the context of today’s digital media and concluded that in order to survive we had to change. In summer 2019 the last print edition of Pacific Horticulture magazine was printed, Pacific Horticulture Society will continue to publish new digital content, delivering relevant and reliable horticultural information for free, empowering people to transform the world through resilient gardening.


Editorial Team

Ellen Zagory
Saxon Holt
Richard Hayden
Diane Cary