We envision a resilient world dependent on the thoughtful cultivation of plants.  


Diversity Statement   

Pacific Horticulture is committed to creating an inclusive, equity-based, community-focused organization that is committed to the health and conservation of both human communities and the environment.   

We recognize that including, collaborating with, and lifting up all voices in the Pacific Horticulture community requires a focused awareness, which will take time to achieve. By committing to be humble and persistent, Pacific Horticulture strives to inspire environmental stewardship and improve human health by the promotion and implementation of fair, equal, and power-balanced leadership practices.   

We believe that a diverse blend of perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints are essential to building a resilient world dependent on the thoughtful cultivation of plants.  

In the hands of gardeners, the landscape is changing.

When we plant for pollinators and native wildlife, when we preserve precious water, improve soil, build healthful, inclusive spaces for humans, we are participating in collective actions that create a new narrative of resilience. Pacific Horticulture connects you with ways you can participate in making change yourself, as a gardener and community member.

We are Garden Futurists

Pacific Horticulture works tirelessly to bring you optimistic stories of a resilient future for our landscapes and our diverse cultures. We seek out Pacific region specialists who are making unique contributions to improve the way we garden, applying cutting-edge science to climate solutions. We support your endless fascination with plants and your passion for beauty and biodiversity.

Media Types

We publish informative articles monthly on this site. Other program series include short videos, mini-documentaries, and podcasts.

  • Garden Futurist Podcasts: Innovative thinkers contributing to a climate-resilient future through the power of gardens
  • Landscapes of Change: Documentary videos of project collaborations in horticulture, landscape design, restoration, and applications of research
  • Pacific Plant People: Plant selection and design advice from Pacific region industry leaders

Community Engagement

New media goes hand in hand with community engagement, so we offer access to trustworthy discussion group forums and events.

We know that nothing truly substitutes for being together among gardens with friends you know and friends you’ve not yet met. We are building in-person opportunities to come together in our region so you can connect, learn, be inspired, and finally have some fun!

Your Trusted Source

Why is Pacific Horticulture your trusted source for high-quality, relevant information? For over 50 years, West Coast gardeners looked to the pages of our award-winning quarterly journal for information and inspiration on growing plants in this distinctive region. This heritage is a point of pride and what got us here today. We honor it by laying the groundwork for a bright future.

Are you a Pacific Region Gardener?

The gardening we do at our homes, in our communities, and in our regional landscapes provides connections to other gardens, and to urban spaces and wild lands.

All of us living in the Pacific region are connected to our ocean, which impacts the climate and weather that affect every aspect of our lives. Our community includes Hawaii, Alaska, British Columbia, and Baja California in addition to California, Oregon, and Washington.

Our Vision

Our strategic vision reflects a deep commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Accessibility. We hope you will join us to imagine and build a more diverse field of horticulture and gardening in which all generations play an important role. We believe that diverse perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints are essential to building a resilient world through the power of gardens.

Join the Movement

We are acting now to exponentially grow our network, setting our sites on supporting the future of horticulture for all climate resilient gardeners in the Pacific region.

Pacific Horticulture welcomes you to our community.

We invite you to get to know Pacific Horticulture and join the conversation.

Become a member today.


STRATEGIC PLAN – 2020 – 2023

Read more about the future of Pacific Horticulture in our Strategic Plan 2020-2023, published in October 2019.











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