Did you know that gardens and landscapes created to work with nature can heal the environment?

A carpenter bee (Xylocarpa varipuncta) drinking nectar from an autumn sage (Salvia greggii)

Are you looking for a way to live more sustainably, or wondering what you can do to fight climate change?

Learning how gardens work to heal our planet is a great place to start. Pacific Horticulture Society provides the regional expertise you need, whether you want to take action in your own front yard or better understand how sustainable landscapes improve the health of every community.

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Read more about the future of Pacific Horticulture Society in our Strategic Plan 2020-2023, published in October 2019.

Adapting For A Resilient Future

Since 1968 Pacific Horticulture Society has provided the West Coast garden community with specially curated horticultural content through its award-winning quarterly journal, Pacific Horticulture. In 2018 an organizational transformation was initiated in response to the impact of the digital revolution on the publishing industry and a steady decline in donor support over the last ten years. With a renewed sense of purpose and a determination to ensure a sustainable and secure financial future for the organization, Pacific Horticulture Society is adapting. 


We’re adapting our mission to provide free horticultural education for all.

Long before sustainability became a household buzzword, Pacific Horticulture Society was at the forefront of sustainable horticulture. In response to the global climate crisis, we’re building awareness that gardeners, landscape managers, farmers, environmental scientists  – everyone concerned with the human relationship to the land – are combating climate change by providing curated regional information free to the public. 


We’re adapting our programming to reach more people.

Pacific Horticulture Society is a non-profit organization. Success is measured by our impact. We aim to strengthen our long tradition as an environmental education organization by expanding to include multiple media formats like webinars, long and short-form video, peer-to-peer forums, and other digital offerings. Regular delivery of high-quality, cross-platform content will increase the reach of this vital information.


We’re adapting our technology to be successful.

Using digital publishing, video, and social media will help us reach wider audiences in the Pacific region and beyond. We will meet our community members where they are and bring new generations of would-be gardeners into the fold. Programming will focus on expanding our digital presence and exploring how these tools can be used to support education. We celebrate innovation and strive to become a leader in the garden and environmental community by mastering available and emerging technology.












Pacific Horticulture Society is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting horticultural and environmental literacy throughout the Pacific region. A copy of the latest official registration and financial report may be obtained by contacting PHS at our mailing address.


Pacific Horticulture magazine

For over fifty years Pacific Horticulture magazine has been a trusted resource for West Coast gardeners, designers, and horticulturists. Read more about Pacific Horticulture Society’s proud history here.



In 2018 an organizational transformation was initiated in response to the impact of the digital revolution on the publishing industry and a steady decline in subscribers over the last ten years. We took a hard look at Pacific Horticulture Society’s identity as a magazine in the context of today’s digital media, and concluded that in order to survive we had to change. In summer 2019 the last print edition of Pacific Horticulture magazine was published for the foreseeable future, a bittersweet end to Pacific Horticulture Society’s esteemed fifty-year heritage as a quarterly print journal.

Pacific Horticulture Society will continue to publish new digital content, delivering current and reliable horticultural information for free, empowering people to transform the world through resilient gardening. 

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